Painting No - 01

This typical house at Wimbledon on Barham Road, London appears to have been constructed in the early part of the 20thc. The roots of style can be traced to the 11thc. Earl’s Barton. The timber frame held together the masonry supporting gabled and mansard roofs punctuated with smaller roofs providing windows to the attics and more later skylights. This practical style of construction was carried to the various parts of the Empire and it appeared in Kampala and in Murree; also in a house in Lahore 4 Montomery Road (recently, sadly pulled down).
Surrounded by spacious lawns on the front and the back lined with trees including apple, the flowers blossom in white and colour in the beds and creepers over the main doorway.
This double storied house has ample double glazed sliding windows set under low-cusped brick arches, protected by slightly projecting terracotta lining with water channels. The chimneys in the skyline are no longer in use owing to the environmental laws.

This house was extensively conservated and renovated by the present owners in the 1990’s. The interior too retains the Edwardian setting complemented with more modern gadgets set in the fireplaces, Note: Tiny kites flying in the sky have been painted to give the longing for the distant memory of Lahore, hence the title.



Painting No: 97

Title: London wich Lahore

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (32" x 47")

Collection: Salman Haq

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