Painting No - 01

Inside Qilla Gujjar Singh main bazaar were many milk and sweets shops, general merchants, grocery, vegetable and mutton and beef and a fish shop all catering to house-holds yet, there were hotels as the restaurants are still called. One such hotel was called “Nannhe da Hotel” owned by a fragile yet very active old man who would comfortably move from one cooking vessel to the other, dishing out vegetables, dals and meats. Behind the lined pots was traditional oven, tendoor where the team would flatten the kneaded flour in clapping hands into geometric circular shapes and further spread over a circular cushion to be transferred into the timber heated cylindrically clay oven with a quick peep and plastering over the available space at the same time talking out the swelling rotis with a pair of thin iron roads with a jingle. It was all economical, quick and fresh from the oven, liked by all the shop keepers; arrival of unexpected guests was not a problem mothers could send the young ones for extra food from the Nann’s hotel.
With arched openings on the two sides on the side of a covered street was a point of reference to all visiting strangers they would all stop here to enquire about Dr. Abdus Samad’s house, towards which he would gladly point knowing well that soon a grandson would come for the extra food for the untimely, unannounced quests.
Though there was occasional vehicular traffic, mostly the tangas, people comfortably would sit over charpoys and benches unthreatened by the modern day traffic so were the goats and sheep being pampered for sacrifice on Eid festival.


Painting No: 95

Title: Nanna's Hotel

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (24" x 37")

Collection: Sara & Ali

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