Painting No - 01

Apart from the walled city of Lahore there were some other satellites that included Ichhra, Mohzang and Qilla Gujjar Singh. This last mentioned too was situated over a relatively higher place and surrounded by a defense wall which has all been encroached upon by houses. Only one massive gate survives with thick wooden beams and two doors, one pierced with a small door. Gujjar Singh built in about 250 years ago, inside it are four havelis belonging to the Maliks. There were many wells that have since been filled up. Winding lanes lead one to the other side where they say was another gate depicted opens towards Abdul Karim Road. The date depicted in this painting opened towards Chandani Chowk.
Here was a very tall Bamiyan tree with a water trough for the horses built by the Society for the Prevention of Crulty to Animals (S.P.C.A). Behind it was Hakim Hakimaddin Hakim Haazak Hakim who was famous for his murrabas and sherbets.
All this changed, the Eid Mela that used to be held here has shifted its venue. The Thekedaroan ki Haveli though survives is deserted and dilapidated.


Painting No: 94

Title: Qilla Gujjar Singh

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (24" x 37")

Collection: Sara & Ali

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