Painting No - 01

This typical house is still existing in Haveli Mian Khan, belongs to the family of late Wajid Ali Shah who died Jan 1, 1993, aged 96 years; a leading barrister of his times, lived in the house he was born in. in the upper storey were stalked his law books bound in leather and his gowns and “Sola Pith” hats. In the walled city such wooden belvedere projecting out to give a view of the locale with similar projecting Jharokas was the only contact among the women sharing same the confined life as a visitor might interpret. The coloured glass let in filtered rays falling over already colorfully dressed ladies, multifoiled arches carved with rosettes over the spandrels and foluted columns in wood added to the oriental ambience. Shown partly is a local parakeet in resembling green having a similar red beak and a red and black ring around its neck, it complements a similar co-incidence of fate – all encaged in a colorful yet dull situation – tera dard na jane koi.


Painting No: 92

Title: Encaged Bird

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (12" x 49")

Collection: Self

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