Painting No - 01

Gowalmandi (Main Bazaar) connects Shah Abdul Mau’ali shrine with the Chamberlain Road. Originally it was a residential area comprising of impressive Katris and independent houses and some taller buildings including the one seen in the center that has been recently re-named as Yusuf buildings and an old orphanage and a tall haveli with an impressive Jharoka that still exists and had sloping roofs covered with slate tiles in the British tradition and was allotted to M.H. Mirza, a noted surgeon. Only scanty remains of its past survive in form of limestone brackets; the sloping roofs were removed to build shops. All this became a bazaar specializing in ladies cloth market with dyers, tailors, peco, henna and bangles services available on the main road as well as in the side lanes. Wooden balconies, Jharokas, arches and ventilators and rooftops with pigeon stands and kites in the skies still represent the residential potential of this locality which is as colorful as the clothes and bangles being negotiated down the street.


Painting No: 80

Title: Gowalmandi Bazaar

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (29" x 46")

Collection: Burhanuddin Khan

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