Painting No - 01

On the spot where Nicholson and McLeod Road converged was a large garden gifted to the people of the locale by Nihalchand in 1929. It had a cast iron pavilion with six columns supporting a semispherical dome perforated with floral motives and more animals were seen on the arched sides.

In the pre-partitions days many bulls were allowed to roam around scotfree and had their own territories earmarked. If any of them dared venture itno another once, it only resulted in a fight unimaginable for the National Geographic. It so happened one winter morning of 1950 that a large white bull and a smaller black one came face to face in bagheechi Nihalchand each taking the garden to be his own while it should have been “No-Bulls-Land”. That day most children missed their schools so did the parents abstain from their offices and businesses. In the ensuing fight flower beds were raised, the fountain under the canopy was torn down. Many smaller trees were broken, while children perched on the branches and woman peeped from the windows and young and the old all thronged around the arena. Each bull with ruthless bodyweight tried to out-wit the other. Brute force allowed with rising of dust and the hue and cry serving as background commentary continued for hours; each badly wounded, none tried to run away.

The white bulls was killed the black one too sustained a deep wound in the thigh and limped around for many years.

Bagheechi Nihalchand was later turned into a roundabout to streamline the ever increasing rampant traffic and the children of the locality were deprived of a pleasant playground so were the children yesteryears deprived of their sweet memories.


Painting No: 76

Title: Encounter in Bagheechi Nihal Chand

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (30" x 42")

Collection: Burhan-ud-Din Khan

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