Painting No - 01

Another view of Muzaffar Mansions compound where so many trees made it cool and serene. The all brick exterior was not all that dull. The bricks gaves a pleasant hue. The flats had an elaborate water system of its own, a big tubewell is seen located under the round roof where steps descended to the very bottom of the well. On the sides are seen two huge water tanks on the top; so was the sanitation system. Our Opel Olympia, convertable from 1951 is seen in the foreground. Vendors selling all sorts of goodies for the children frequented this place especially the two wheel ice cream cart. Prof. Dr. Khawaja Salahuddin, chairman Institute of Chemical Technology lived in flat No. 14; Dr.Shaikh Riaz occupied the one numbered 13.


Painting No: 74

Title: Muzaffar Mansions II

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (26" x 38")

Collection: Aliya Dossa

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