Painting No - 01

Muzaffar Mansions was located at start of Nicholson road; built in 1938, it had four big flats along the main road and four smaller ones facing Buddhan Shah street; inside was a very large vacant area with trees for children to play cricket. We lived in the house shown here. It was all brick on the outside. The room at the top was my studio. It gave a commanding view of locality. From over the top roof one could see the whole city with Badshahi and Wazir khan mosques minarets. On the left lived the owners family i.e. Tahira & Mazhar Ali khan; they never interfered with the tenants; their son Tariq Ali was more of a restless social worker or more of a politician in the making. In the foreground is seen over Morris Oxford station wagon, 1952 model which had become famous throughout the city; our father Anwar is shown beside it. My younger brother were mostly seen on the roof top flyinbg kites. From the balcony can be seen our tipsy trying to peep down, so is the encaged parrot.

On the left side of the painting is the entrance beyond which is the busy Nicholson Road with a double decker parked; a cross is the bagheechi Nihalchand and in the background is McLeod Road.


Painting No: 73

Title: Muzaffar Mansions I

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 38")

Collection: Self

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