Painting No - 01

Qilla Gujjar Singh is situated over a hillock around which is a peripheral road along the northern and eastern sides while on the west a lane with steps leads a visitor around it to the southern side. On the eastern and western sides were two huge gates, only the former survives. This painting is from my house that gives a view of the interior of the fort that now has countless houses. Most prominent and tallest of them were the four havelis belongings to the Maliks (Mr.Zaki Malik, Owner of the Light house on the Mall) is one of them. One of them was in bricks with a large top shaded by an overhanging roof; on the one side were two more in yellow; the tallest one was in white. This white haveli had a very different roof made of leadsheets spread over four gabled roofs joined in the center. There were vases projecting over the parapet and openings all along the top wall. The lower storey had round arches with pronounced keystones. In the middle distance can be seen the houses from comprising of NihalChand buildings. In the foreground is one of the servant quarters of Mazher Ali Khan where Nawaz lived.


Painting No: 72

Title: White Haveli

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (26" x 38")

Collection: Ayesha & Zahoor Shahnawaz

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