Painting No - 01

On Nicholson Road in front of Batala Girls High School the smaller road passing along the side of Muzaffar Mansion is called Buddhan Shah Street named after a certain woman saint buried there. The grave was covered with a gabled roof supported by wooden columns. A  Nanbai – bread baker took its care. A tall Bamiyan tree held a huge umbrella over it. Every Thursday drumbeaters would come here as the people of the locality lit candles over its outer wall. Over the beating of the drum Malangs with tiny bells attached to their ankles would dance in ecstasy. On one side was Shaabu the milkman on the other side in the foreground was the grocer: Butt the senior. In the middle distance under the long, continuous balcony was a dyer who would dye all sorts of clothes and dupattas and hanged them to dry while the children marvelled at the bright colors. Still further was another grocer Rafi from Ludhiana. The shops in the distance were really cool while other shops sweltered in the boiling broiling summer, due to the tall Bamiyan. Here Malik Ismail the caterer with his age old bronze and brass utensils plied his trade. Still further were a beef and a mutton shop facing a vegetable shop. The green wooden balcony seen in the middle distance belongs to Basit, who is still holding fast to his ancestral haveli inspite of financial constraints 


Painting No: 71

Title: Buddhan Shah Street

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 38")

Collection: Dr. Parvez Hassan

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