Painting No - 01

A comparatively wide road on the northern and eastern side of Qilla Gujjar Singh gave access to main bazaar.  Not long ago, there were many milkshops, vegetable, meat and poultry shops. The Maliks of the four havelis in the fort too descended down to this road through a stepped lane where they had a garage for their black Buick.
Under the Jharoka was a flour mill run by the choudhary Brothers. Later they also started ginning cotton for quilts. And still later they went into catering business and provided all the cutlery and tents for marriage parties and others functions; they also provided furniture for sets in the film industry. The adjoining Jharoka still exist. It is surmounted by a flattened, elongated half dome. It has three sides, side one being smaller. A wooden balcony continues on the side. On the top again there are terra cotta slabs perforated for free flow of air.


Painting No: 70

Title: Qilla Gujjar Singh Main Bazar

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 38")

Collection: Dr. Parvez Hassan

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