Painting No - 01

Qilla Gujjar Singh was a strong hold of one of the three rulers of Lahore in later half of 18th century. Only some part of the defence wall and a tall arched gate with wooden doors survives. The haveli shown in the painting is from the Chandani Chowk where a very tall Bamiyan tree held umbrella over a large water trough for the horses and the cattle. The haveli is a real large one with a big courtyard. The entrance is through a tall arch over which is a very large and most beautiful Jharoka. It is supported by iron brackets. Its top is in form of a ribbed dome having hood for each of the five arches under it. On the sides are more windows giving a glimpse of the way of life inside the haveli. The parapet comprises of large terra cotta tiles with perforations for the flow of air.
On the left is seen a cart with two bullocks, shops selling meat and another milkshop and a tonga in the distance and more people in the foreground and farther beyond add to the activity.


Painting No: 69

Title: Haveli in Qilla Gujjar Singh

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 38")

Collection: Dr. Nasir Jamal, U.S.A

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