Painting No - 01

The back alleys of Chamberlain Road enjoy relative peace and charm of a residential locality. Here as seen in the painting milkshops are a much frequented meeting place for the youth and the old. A large pan (Karahaa) for hot milk and the milkman stirring it frequently unmindful of the activity in the street is main feature.

The wooden balconies painted bright against yellow and white washes make it all the more colourful when seen against the dark areas under the awnings. The girl with a begging bowl in embroidered fauve coloured costume adds to the picturesqueness while the two friends sitting on the platform of a closed shop exchanging pleasantries and adding to each others general information is part of a typical street, not yet invaded by the money minders.


Painting No: 67

Title: Chamberlain Road II

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 38")

Collection: Izzet Majeed

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