Painting No - 01

Chamberlain Road is a continuation of Gowalmandi, here the house gardening paraphernalia is available so are the cobber’s requisites. Lately the side lanes have started catering to the needs of the residents. Beef and mutton and fish shops and the poultry and vegetable and fruit vendors seem to prosper. There is real hustle and bustle in these make-shift bazaars where haggling is part of the deal. The wooden balconies on the above mostly in wood colour and sometimes painted blue and green stand out in the sun falling on them.

There seems to be real tussle with the wholesale markets sprawling on the main road. The house all along it are being purchased and pulled down; the calmness of the streets seems to be threatened as large tractor trolleys laden with building materials arrive at odd hours bringing in bad news for the aging residents and the innocent children. On the right corner there once stood a very beautiful house that had to be sacrificed at the altar of the commercialism; steel can already be seen rising through the reinforced beams and columns.


Painting No: 66

Title: Chamberlain Road

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 38")

Collection: Mr. & Mrs. Nasir Mahmud, Wimbledon, London

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