Painting No - 01

From Lahore Hotel, Mcleod Road forked, one side road till the Naulakha Church was named Nicholson Road. Initially it had large bungalows including one of Shaikh Manzoor Qadri. Later starting from the 1920’s, large building and houses came up. Many important people including writers, film actresses, lawyers and eminent families lived there. Some Christian families and some Hindu and Sikh lived in select area; there were large Muslim building too. At one end lived Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan. Shown in the painting is the street activity in the shadows of Muzaffar Mansions. Dr. Saeed’s Wolseley is seen approaching his clinic. A buffalo with her calf too is crossing the road to each their house with fodder shop belonging to Baida under a tall arch.
In the middle distance is seen a sign board for whooping cough medicine, the old healer has long since died. A shop selling prescription eye glasses too is gone; so has the Village Pride Shop. Under the trees is seen the old carpenter who used to visit the families for any repair work. In the distance is seen the tall mosque on one side, across the road was Suraj Mahal of Gandhi the famous liquor store. A tonga plied with measured, rhythmic steps. This is a thing of the past.


Painting No: 65

Title: Nicholson Road

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 38")

Collection: Sara & Hamid Zaman

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