Painting No - 01

Nisbet Road connecting Mayo Hospital with Laxami Chowk was originally a very wide road with large bungalows belonging to the elite including that of Khizar Hayat Tiwana, which still survives. These large houses were later pulled down to make way for much smaller ones with back alleys starting from the 1920’s. it seems that the traditional planning of old city houses was adopted here with bold projections casting deep shadows but the material this time was concrete, cement and steel, some European elements were also cautiously incorporated and adapted. It was predominantly Hindu locality and hence evacuated in 1947. The property thus decayed due to negligence and poor economic condition of the new owners and also due to disputed and divided ownership. Pran Nevile
(Writer of Lahore a Sentimental Journey), lived here.
Now this locality is once more being rebuilt under duress of rank commercialisation. The house shown in the painting has since been pulled down and an ugly plaza has sprouted instead. On the right is seen the single storey shop that houses the Al-Musawwar Printers owned by Rafique Chughtai who handles all my printings jobs beside him is seen Mr. Tariq his master machine man.


Painting No: 64

Title: Nisbet Road

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 38")

Collection: Shazia & Usman Ilahi

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