Painting No - 01

Zamzama meaning “Lion’s Roar” was cast in lost wax-technique in bronze in Lahore in 1757 under the orders of Ahmad Shah Abdali by Nazir Shah. The people of Lahore were asked to give their kitchen utensils for the cauldron. It has date of manufacturing, names of the monarch and the technician alongwith verses in Persian moulded with floral patterns all over the barrel. This was the largest piece of arsenal at that time. Abdali took it to the third battle of Panipat where it broke the power of Marhattas. This gun changed hands and was last used in the siege of Multan by Ranjeet Singh in 1818 where it was “injured” and thus de-commissioned and brought back to Lahore. It was lying in Lahore Fort when the British, realizing its historical importance, mounted it on the wooden wheel and placed it in front of Delhi Gate. It was removed to be placed in front of “Exhibition Hall” (Later Tollinton Market). With completion of Jubilee Building of central museum of Lahore, it was moved a few yards up the “Exhibition Road”. The present pedestal inside a blue tiled water tank is result of the “think tanks” who volunteer to stain and tarnish everything of beauty from the past. In the latest endeavor Kamran Lashari unleashed electric motorised grinders on it that removed the noble patina on it and defaced the motifs and inscriptions on it. It came to be known as Kim’s Gun after Kipling in whose childhood memories it frequently featured.


Painting No: 63

Title: Kim's Gun

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 38")

Collection: Mr. Martin Hathaway

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