Painting No - 01

The Hospital Road, Bansaanwala Bazaar, Rattan Chand Road and Railway Road crossing gives access to a 1910’s expansion of Lahore. This road leads to the Railway Station hence the name. It now is a sprawling business center for pharmaceuticals and further down are famous eateries. Best of roasted fish, chicken, nihari and siri paye can be had here. The tandoors specializing in bakarr-khanis and roghani naan do roaring business, firni in terra cotta plates and jelebis in hot milk would serve to cool down.

This typical house in the beginning of the Railway Road seems to have been left unfinished with bricks left uncovered, even the woodwork has been painted properly. But it like so many houses in the vicinity is a descendant of the earlier prototype with a large Jharoka with hooded windows lined under a half dome placed in a multifoiled recession having scroll over the spandrils. A resembling half dome in reverse support this projection under which is a tall arched entrance. Wooden balconies on either side of it have been screened with bamboo chicks. A general store, a vegetable shop, a man selling sherbet in a tall metal utensil strapped to his back with glasses displayed on his belt, an old automobile, a daig, a naan shop and a tonga passing through so very quietly amid the various melodies noises and the dramatic beams of sunlight add to the setting over which this Jharoka presides.


Painting No: 60

Title: Railway Road II

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (38" x 28")

Collection: Rakhshanda and Iftikhar-ul-Haq, Wimbledon, London

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