Painting No - 01

Bawa Dinga Singh’s Building on the Mall was built in 1927. It had only two storeys, a third one was later added to it when the restriction on the height was relaxed. An even taller watch tower was added to it that also accommodate one of the earliest electric lifts in Lahore.
This tower became a landmark seen above the horizon. The pitched bulbous dome surmounted by gold plated vase pinnacle gives illusion of greater height. It has arched openings on the sides. These are high reliefs of elephants presenting garlands.
This building has been built in brick with steel girders. The façade has been finished to give to give the look of stone. Sandston and in some important parts marble has been used for brackets and grills.

This is the most beautiful clock tower of Lahore. Bawa Dinga Singh lived on Mcleod Road; his house still survives there; (See Painting No. 62)


Painting No: 59

Title: Dinga Singhs Clock Tower

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (12" x 45")

Collection: Self

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