Painting No - 01

The crossing of Nisbet and Chamberlain Road is popularly known as Chowk Gowalmandi maybe because of some cattle market or milkmen’s supply point in not so distant past. This area still is famous for milk and milk products. Originally it was outskirt of walled city where Mai Lado built a mosque in 1631 and the whole locality is still called Mai Lado. Most of the houses on the locality are from early 1920’s. The transition from older style to the new one had been a very smooth one. Many of the traditional elements like wooden balconies and other projecting members have been retained for social and climatic reasons. The effect is that of a comfortable well ventilated house with pronounced lights and darks on the outside. The view from one corner of the Bharat Building (demolished early 1970’s), leads the eye across Nisbet Road. The Bamiyan tree has long since been cut down (For more information see Painting No. 20)


Painting No: 58

Title: Chowk Gowalmandi II

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (27" x 38")

Collection: M.H Dawood

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