Painting No - 01

Hope & Perseverance was name of the Lodge No. 782. The hall shown in the painting was built in 1859 on Lodge Road. It was damaged in the sever earthquake on 4th April, 1905. It was repaired and some additions were made to it and the grand District Lodge met again in the reconstructed Temple on 7th April, 1906. It continued serving as Lodge till 1917 when a new Lodge was constructed opposite to Charing Cross. The old Lodge was sold to the Punjab Government and was converted into Lady Maclagan’s High School for Girls in 1920’s. it is now one of the biggest girls schools of Lahore with distinguished academic record.
The building shown in the painting is in the “Neo-Roman” style adopted in the early British structures in Lahore and resembles “Bank of Agra” (where now D.I.G. crime Saadat Ullah Khan’s office is located), Lawrence and Montgomery halls, Gymnasium of Government College, Lahore and Tollinton. All these buildings have been built in small bricks many of which are of Sikh and seven Moghul origins. The roofs are of wooden planks projected out to form the entablatures.
A pillared porch with fluted columns and windows with triangular pediments make an impressive façade. On one side are shown the past grand masters of the Lodge under and old Bamiyan tree. Though the hall serves a perfect congregation place for the students, the authorities plan to demolish it. It must be saved as one of the best specimens of early British period. Distress Signal.

(Ref. Sidhwa, R.S., Distt. Grand Lodge of Pakistan Centenary)


Painting No: 57

Title: Hope and Perserverance (Masonic Hall)

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (30" x 51")

Collection: Franco Gatti, Bolognian, Italy

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