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SAVE TOLLINTON: the Punjab Exhibition Hall was originally built in 1864 to exhibit the artifacts from Punjab & northern India. It attracted worldwide attention though the international press including The Illustrated London News, May 14, 1864. It was turned into the first museum of Lahore. Kipling also gave drawing and painting lessons in it, hence Mayo School of Arts was founded in 1874 to preserve the traditional Arts.

Thoroughly repaired and roofs altered by Sir. Gangaram in 1920’s it was converted into Municipal Market where the elite of the town shopped. In late thirties, it was named TOLLINTON market after H.P. Tollinton Secretary to Govt. Punjab. This eighteen kanals of prized land on the Mall, despite being protected under the Antiquities Act as amended in 1992, is being threatened by influential grabbers who want to build a high-rise in its place. There has been much protest in the press and public demonstrations have been staged. The matter seems to have been shelved for the time being. The chief secretary of Punjab, Aslam Hayat Qureshi in a press statement appearing in all leading papers of April 10, 1996, declared that Tollinton shall be preserved in its original form and used as museum of Modern Art. (For more information see Save Tollinton 1997 Calendar)

P.S. TOLLINTON was saved and restored in 2003-5!!!


Painting No: 56

Title: Gambit (Tollinton Market)

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (31" x 50")

Collection: Pakistan Foreien Office, Canada

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