Painting No - 01

As already stated in Painting No. 14 Railway Road, developed into a cultural center. In Arab Hotel best Kababs and tea were served to the teachers of Islamia College and the journalists. At the crossing of Chamberlain Road, people thronged to have a taste of firni after having fish at Sardars. With the passage of time, ground storey rooms were converted into shops. Grocers, Bakers and General Merchants made hay. This portion of Railway Road, has some wooden balconies and Jharokas struggling to survive painted in bright ultramarine, parrot green and red, the woodwork looks exquisite. On the right hand corner is seen a watch maker’s shop. Shaikh Ghulam Muhammad was always peeping into the microscopic wheels of time fitted into the Rolexes, Westends, Roamers while the grandfather clocks hung overhead would ring two, half and a quarter at quarter to three in unison. The vast collection of time pieces gathered dust and rust awaiting his attention. But those were the times when the North Western Railway was known for punctuality.


Painting No: 55

Title: Railway Road I

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (29" x 39")

Collection: Izzet Majeed

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