Painting No - 01

From somewhere in the center of Anarkali Bazaar, a smaller road turns towards Paisa Akhbar. Just at the corner is a tall three storeyed building which was once Nishat Hotel. Conspicuous for its dazzling red painted plaster against which green of the rare double wooden balconies stood out. It has more projections on the top in sparking white.

Built in 1910’s it was acquired on rent and converted into a hotel in 1936 by Ghulam Mohammad Butt who was from the same family that owned the adjoining famous Nizam Hotel. Nishat Hotel has been closed down and the building is now owned by a dentist whose shop can be seen on the right.

(See Old Lahore, 12th Edition)


Painting No: 54

Title: Nishat Hotel

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (30" x 52")

Collection: Escort House

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