Painting No - 01

This stretch of Anarkali seen from the corner of Fayyaz Road and Bakhshi Market specialises in ready-made garments, cosmetics and leather goods. Attachecases, shoes, horse rider’s outfit and umbrellas could be had here.

The angular Jharoka seen at the corner is unique because of its placing (it has been depicted in Painting No. 2). The building shows in the middle distance and in the background are slightly later i.e. from 1920’s and 30’s yet they reflect a continuation of the tradition. Many older establishments have closed down including the famous Thermos House; Hamdard Clinic dispensing local herbal medicines have moved so have the Shireen Mahal Sweets. Anarkali survives because it is constantly adapting.


Painting No: 53

Title: Anarkali V

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (25" x 38")

Collection: Dr. Afzal Ahmad, Chicago, U.S.A

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