Painting No - 01

As one enters the walled city especially through Lohari Gate, it is another world from the by gone days. Milkshops, sweetmeat, fried fish and chicken and other eateries provoke those on diet. The enticing view enjoined from behind the balconies is partially blocked by tarpaulins is and aromatic smokes. The sunlight too is elective and spotlights the qalamdani type of relieving arch with eave formed by lotus motifs. The flattened domical motifs over the tripple arched windows afford a view of the studio where the most famous Urdu calligrapher of the time held sway. Tajud Din Zareen Raqam was tall, handsome and eloquent. He died young but his studio is still the meeting point of calligraphers. Hence the name of the painting “Baithak Kaatibaan”

The façade is from early 1800’s in original shape and badly needs conservation.


Painting No: 52

Title: Baithak Kaatibaan

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (38" x 27")

Collection: Safi Qureshi, California

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