Painting No - 01

Haveli Mian Khan:
Mochi Gate does not survive but the locality preserves the name alongwith flora and fauna. As one enters, the typical street activity captivates the visitor. Local cookies, parched grains, pulses, the best seekh kababs, the most famous sweets shops along the Lal Khui (Red Well) are really entertaining. The back streets are, however, residential. There are many famous haveli or large city palaces the largest one was Haveli Mian Khan.

Haveli Mian Khan was a very large palace belonging to Nawab Mian Khan (d. 1671) in the vicinity of Rang Mahal. It has all since disappeared except one large gate with recessed, multifoiled arch in bricks. Many houses, big and small, now occupy the site. The painting shows some of the houses with typical windows built over a century ago.


Painting No: 51

Title: Haveli Mian Khan

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 39")

Collection: K.S.Yang, Korea

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