Painting No - 01

Once inside Lohari Gate the road forks, on the left beyond Nihal Chand’s garden, leads street on to a narrowed down road ending in a wide open area – a pleasant surprise in this part of the city – it is old grain market and is still shaded cool with trees and public water taps. Another route would be through the Mori Gate. Some of the houses are over two hundred years. Built in small bricks, generally three storeyed and more, mostly through smaller, have all the elements of a haveli sans internal courtyard. The shops under these houses were originally intended as such. Many of the houses have been rebuilt retaining the texture and street pattern. Some have been face-lifted the house seen in the painting is over 150 years retains the original shape despite cosmetic intervention. Wide tripple Jharokas is a motif derived from Haveli Dhiyan Singh (See Painting No. 26). Colourfully dressed ornate ladies are seen preparing to receive guests to a wedding.


Painting No: 47

Title: Chowk Jhanda

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 39")

Collection: Dr. Shahid Hamid, U.S.A

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