Painting No - 01

Ganpat Road and Urdu Bazar are extension of old city in front of Mori Gate. The locate is the largest printing paper market of the province; fancy paper flowers, mobile paper decoration, book binding materials can be had in these shops, retail & bulk. But, more important is the houses over these shops; many are Katri type i.e. a large recessed entrance arch to a wide courtyard shared by smaller units facing it they all have now been converted into shops and cottage industry. The elevation of the corner building has a balcony running on both sides securing privacy & insulation. The other side has an old mosque, largely renovated & modified: it recently has been made double storeyed. Beyond the mosque are more of the houses, each with resembling yet different style. Most of the houses are from early 1920’s when exposed brick was in vogue. Yet there are some houses in small bricks indicating that this area was populated in the earlier times too as a suburb.

Seen from under the “motichoor” the famous sweetmeat shop, the view stretching to Mori Gate, is enlivened with animal and hand drawn carts carrying paper and allied products.


Painting No: 46

Title: Ganpat Road

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 39")

Collection: US Conslate, Lahore

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