Painting No - 01

This house in Yamin Street No. 1 in Misri Shah was built in 1930’s by Mr. Yamin, father of civil engineer Khalid Khawaja. K.K. too was born here and hence the street activity is narrative more of his childhood. The white mosque with a tall pipal tree is in the background where K.K. received his early religious instructions. The yellow washed house had green woodwork with blue stained glass over the windows. The house was pulled down in 1993. But the milkman still delivers milk in big brass vessels, so do the fruit and vegetable vendors while the tonga trods through, Misri Shah is northern in Lahore with Do Maria Pul giving access from under the Railway track. Even though the planning was good it did not mix with the old city because of the Railway and Circular Road. The houses conformed to the new trend of the early 1900’s yet adaptation of traditional concept of creating space through projections hence tall shadows during summer highnoon can be seen. Low lying area was full of vegetable farms beyond which flows the Ravi. The frequent floods and inadequate water disposal system compelled the more influential families to leave especially after the flood of Sept... 5, 1950. Gradually scrap iron merchants and cottage foundries established themselves in what was in the Moghul times an extension of Naulakha gardens, the Faiz Bagh.    

(Demolished 1993)


Painting No: 45

Title: Misri Shah

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (51" x 30")

Collection: Khalid Khawaja

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