Painting No - 01

The Haveli in Matti Chowk was originally built by Dina Nath and later transferred to Lakhe Shah after whom passed on to a pehliwan (wrestler). Now some 19 families live in it. This is also called Haveli Main Morran due to the fact that Mai Moraan (Ranjit Singh’s mistress) lived in the locality i.e., inside Lohari Gate. The angular Jharoka is one of the most beautiful; though built in 1901, it has a pleasing blend of Moghul and Sikh elements.
Form and structure do not blend together so well, yet, the Haveli overlooking a large space in a bazar has fairy-tale-like appearance. It has recently been vacated and is up for sale. It needs to be saved, or it will be replaced by some shopping plaza. The Haveli with open spaces on the three sides could serve as a museum.

P.S. The Haveli was demolished in October, 1995.


Painting No: 44

Title: Chowk Matti

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (30" x 52")

Collection: Khalid Khawaja

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