Painting No - 01

As one come out of Lohari Gate and crosses Circular Road, the buildings shown in the painting herald the legendary Anarkali Bazaar. The shops include the best fried fish in Lahore; others repair ancient sewing machines, battery torches, lockmasters and watchmakers. At the back is a narrow lane in which   aromatic herbs, betelnut ingredients are displayed in big jute bags and tiny tins and coloured celluloid wrappings.
The buildings shown in the painting date form early 1900’s the one on the left is older and has terra cotta grills in form of slabs framed in rectangular and arched shapes. The one on the right was demolished in 1996. For more, see painting nos. 33 and 48.


Painting No: 41

Title: Circular Road

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (24" x 38")

Collection: Mrs. Irfan Munnoo

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