Painting No - 01

Behind Mayo hospital is Hospital Road from where branches out Aybak Road here the newly built Mausoleum of Qutbud Din Aybak the first Muslim Emperor and founder of Slave dynasty is located. Another smaller side lane is occupied by equally competing trades i.e. printing presses, inks and supplies and the aromatic herbs and betel nut ingredients. The main building with large entrance arch dates from 1890. It was a large haveli in small bricks with many motifs reused.
It has now been divided by many occupants. The main upper story is owned by Tariq Block Company who specialize in zinc and copper plate blocks for printing. Mr. Muhammad Sadiq who runs this establishment is now over 85. He was formerly block maker for Civil and Military Gazette that was closed down in 1964 after ninety six years of publication. Mr. Sadiq has interesting clippings of old advertisements and pictures.
(For more information see painting Nos. 33 and 41)


Painting No: 40

Title: Qutab Road

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (38" x 25")

Collection: I.C.I

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