Painting No - 01

As one crosses the Mall, starting from the corner of the endangered Tollinton (venue of Punjab Exhibition of 1864) is the old Anarkali where the commercial activity changes it is a mixture of residential and shopping areas. But in the backalleys, the look is more of a peaceful neighbourhood. It must have been a very posh area as in evident from the large houses with fine finish seen at the corner of the Lodge and Lake Road is a very large house of the Haveli type. It has two Bukharchas and wooden balconies running the entire length dating from 1900’s, it incorporates all the features of an aristocrat’s house. The upper story had a series of decorative arches that have recently been removed.


Painting No: 39

Title: Old Anarkali III

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (24" x 38")

Collection: I.C.I

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