Painting No - 01

At the Junction of Lake and Lytton Roads, the triangle so formed is occupied by Jain Mandir hence the name of the locality. The building in the foreground from under which Jain Mandir is seen is at one corner of Lodge Road (Old Masonic Lodge; see Painting No. 57); it is an imposing building more like a haveli (the other side of this structure can be seen in Painting No. 39). Dating from early 1900’s it has extensive wooden balconies running on both the sides. Domed bukharchas give importance to the entrances. Wood carvings reflect some of the older ornamental motifs rendered delicately. In the upper storey some European elements like round arches, vase-like balustrade and triangular pediments can be seen. The overall effect is that of sculptural light and darks seen though a painter’s eye. The people living in it with their hangings and the vegetation growing along the drain pipe, the grocer’s shop underneath and the milk-man contribute a local ambience. The encroaching shops in the foreground shaded by jute and tarpaulins cater spicy snacks to the school children.


Painting No: 38

Title: Jain Mandir

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (38" x 27")

Collection: Ahmadali Muhammadali

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