Painting No - 01

The old Masonic Lodge No. 782, “Hope and Perseverance” built in 1859 on Lodge Road was converted into Lady Mclagen Girls High School while the Masonic lodge moved to the Mall in 1916.

This typical house shown in the painting is in a narrow lane on the Lodge Street a (Old Anarkali). It represents the style of 1920’s. A prominent wooden Jharoka painted green has a somewhat flattened, rectangular dome with three wooden arches and a supporting “inverted dome” underneath. The tall entrance arch is reminiscent of the haveli model. It is only one of the houses built in the street in same scale and in resembling architectural elements. In the foreground is seen “Kalai wala” who would tin plate brass and copper utensils at the doorstep. The street represents a community life where the elders sat on charpoys and exchanged views and greetings.


Painting No: 37

Title: Lodge Street

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 39")

Collection: David R. Speirs, U.K

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