Painting No - 01

Seen from the steps of Abdul Quddus Chishtie’s China Mart is this oldest haveli in Anarkali built by Honorary Surgeon Dr. Khan Bahadur in 1872.  Though built in small bricks, French louvres and round arches and holes in the parapet wall can be seen reflecting knowledge of European architectural elements. The rectangular Bukharcha set inside a relieving arch and an entrance arch underneath are typically local elements. The internal courtyard and deep wood carvings and multifoiled relieving arches in thick stucco are very pleasing. This house has equally tall though less imposing gate in the back alley serving as service door. The hustle and bustle of Anarkali has affected this haveli too: consequently all lower storey has been converted into shops.

Prof. Anwar, one of the heirs relates that many political and literary personalities stayed in this haveli. This street still has some famous tailoring shops; Sheikh Ishaq Laltain Wale now deal in crockery and cutlery. In the distance can be seen a block of Mayo Hospital.


Painting No: 36

Title: Dhaniram Road

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (25" x 38")

Collection: Mrs. Sureyya Khan

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