Painting No - 01

The famous shopping locale: Anarkali is widest near old city. Here a view of the sole minaret of Muslim Masjid, built early 1950’s, is seen competing with the tall havelis with wooden projections and pigeon cages. Further in the distance can be seen the only original gate of the city (Lohari Gate)

The eight sided minaret, built in new materials seems to have drawn its architectural vocabulary from those of Badshahi Mosque and also the red and white colours. A spiral staircase on the inside has tall vertical slits. It is surmounted by balcony and eight windows providing a panoramic view of the city. A white dome with an octagonal eave around its neck gives it a majestic finale.


Painting No: 34

Title: Muslim Masjid

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 39")

Collection: Lars Elvhage, Sweden

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