Painting No - 01

As one comes out of Lohari Gate and crosses the circular road evading the galloping tongas, Anarkali bazaar welcomes the visitors with all the oriental ambience. Money changers, repairers of Singer, Derkoff and Pfuff sewing machines, battery torches amid a famous restaurant specialising in fish being fried in a large vessel full of boiling oil encroaching on the footpath, are a only prelude. The back lanes specialise in betel nuts and the anason, clove, aromatic ingredients, silver leaves floating in condensed sweeteners that bewitch even the familiar visitors. Further behind, are countless printing presses where in the olden times earliest of the newspapers of Lahore were printed. It still has the newspaper market from where the news agent collect papers at 2 am in the morning. These lanes also specialise in silk screen and printing inks.
The building shown in the painting, located at the corner of Paan Mandi was 3 – Anarkali. It had a rare combination of double story wooden balconies running the entire length of the structure built at the turn of the century, it housed many families. The ground floor served as shops one of which was a paint shop that caught fire in 1989. The rich merchants rebuilt their shops while this building was thus lost.


Painting No: 33

Title: Paan Mandi

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (26" x 38")

Collection: Frontier Post

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