Painting No - 01

Lohari Gate was first called Lahori Gate, originally it was built by Mahmud Ghaznavi over a thousand years ago. It must have been rebuilt during Akbar’s long sojourn here towards the end of 16th century when he strengthened the city’s fortifications. It was this gate that was opened by Mohkam Din to Ranjeet Singh in 1799. It was rebuilt by the Sikhs.

The gate seen in the painting is the result of British period alterations when round arches and balustraded parapet were added. The multifoiled recessed arch, the pointed entrance arch and the inner structure seem to be from the Sikh period. The floral stucco mouldings are in the late Moghal tradition. Some of the bricks too are Moghul. The gate has been recently desecrated and painted over in gaudy colours – perhaps inspired from the eyeglasses, flowers, locks and keys and spicy snacks sold in front of it. Of the twelve gates that old Lahore once had Lohari Gate is the oldest.


Painting No: 32

Title: Lahori Gate

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (26" x 39")

Collection: Dr. Fouzia Javed

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