Painting No - 01

If you stand under the green balcony shown in painting no. 30, a very busy view of the stretch of Anarkali to Tollinton is seen. Capital pictures and framers, Nagina Bakery, sports goods shops, paint material stores, watch makers and many famous shoe stores including Dalhousie shoes are located here. Most important was the legendary Nagina Bakery where professors from the neighbouring Government and Oriental Colleges and the Punjab University came to share views over a cup of tea. The premises have unfortunately been pulled down and a tall building now accommodates a store that specialises
In woolen suitings managed by Nabi Buksh Piracha who is an ardent lover of kite flying and holds Basant festivals at his residence. Most of the architecture is from 1920’s when Anarkali developed into a most fashionable shopping center of the Punjab and beyond. Many buildings have small bricks for the lower portions indicating still older land use. The single storeyed Punjab stationers in the distance with multifoiled relieving arches in small bricks is the oldest building in the locality perhaps dating from 1840’s. The Qaisre-e-Hind printing press, too, is a very old establishment.


Painting No: 31

Title: Nagina Bakery

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (29" x 38")

Collection: Mrs. Naz Mansha

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