Painting No - 01

With the Katchehri Road/Anarkali crossing starts the typical Anarkali atmosphere announced by a man selling Hussain Manjan & water flowers. On one side used to be the favorite resort of writers the Nagina Bakery but more important are the booksellers specializing in Law books and fiction including Akhtar stationers now owned by Khurshid. One on corner sports goods shop sells cricket bats and hookies to those interested in sleeping bags and attach cases. Mr. Mushtaq of Capital pictures and framers striving hard to survive in the business of showing brighter side of life to the rare customers frequenting his shop. But, the burger shop is a hot eatery though the adjacent matchmakers and rubber stamps and stationary shops send futile signals. Equally famous are Mohkim Dim Bakers of the Rajeet Singh days. Located at this crossing are the Public Drawing and surveying stores where Shah Sahib only manages his motley collection of Winsor & Newton paint material leaving the less expensive punching machines & gum paper tapes to his son Waqar. On slaught of winners bring in a brisk business in warm clothing carried on by hawkers. More knowledgeable people are interested in old books flooded after the death of any old scholar. The scenario is painted more remorse by the famous perfume sellers at one corner of the crossing from where a consonantal tonga passes every two minutes.
The green wooden balconies from the 1920’s have removed recently.


Painting No: 30

Title: Katchery Road

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (29" x 38")

Collection: Mrs. H. Noorani

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