Painting No - 01

The building located inside Mori Gate has undergone much changes including the colour of the balconies. It is a typical house in which much of the exterior was clad in wood. The double storied green balconies with alternating wider and narrow of arches have been fitted with ultramarine blue glass. The roof top had a large open space for sleeping during the summer nights and basking in the sun during winters. One of the two rooms up there served as a barsaati and the other a traditional latrine. The ground floor has many shops including a cloth dyer and the other one a grocer also sold kites. Father in the middle distance is seen a timber store where pathans sold firewood some of which is seen being carted in the foreground. A bullock cart is also seen carrying wheat in jute sacks.


Painting No: 29

Title: Green Balconies

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 39")

Collection: Dr. D.L Bassett, U.S.A

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