Painting No - 01

The eve of spring is celebrated with kite flying festival: Basant. Paper kites in bright colours, virtually thousands of them dot the clear blue sky over the city. The young, children and the old all climb to the highest of the rooftops to fly kites and cream victoriously over each bout in the backdrop of drums and  bugles while gajraila and kashmiri tea is served. In the olden days there used to be many famous kite makers including the Kaka Brothers and Billa Pehlivan inside Bhaati Gate and Nawab Din inside Qilla Gujjar Singh; their descendants still follow the family profession who would make kites round the year to be sold on the eve of Basant. Special attention is paid to give a balance and flexibility to each type of kites by shaping the supporting bamboo sticks with knife. The colour combinations of the kites are instinctive and based on folk art. The structures shown in the painting include Bengali Building and the Ganga Ram Trust buildings opposite to Jain Mandir, built in 1920’s. This continuous stretch of residences illustrated the architectural and decorative features of the period. Wooden projections in form of balconies dominate the middle level. A Jharoka with triple windows underneath and a tall entrance arch are features borrowed from old havelis. The triangular pediments and round arches are colonial elements. Stained glass survives in many of the windows that gives a basant-like feelings when lit at night.


Painting No: 28

Title: Basant II

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 39")

Collection: Sabiha Naseer

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