Painting No - 01

Paisa Akhbar was a newspaper started by Moulavi Mahboob Alam in 1887. It developed into a large publishing house. The whole locality in the vicinity of Anarkali came to be known as Paisa Akhbar. Later, many newspapers set up their offices in the neighborhood. It still has the largest printing paper market and many big and small printing presses operate from here. Paisa Akhtar was one of the earliest newspapers in Urdu after Koohi-i-Noor and Darya-e-Noor and had trained many journalist for the later newspapers.The building show in the painting is a traditional long expansion with wooden balconies flanking a Jharoka which was the largest in Lahore. It had colored glass in the openings. A ribbed half dome garlanded by lotus foliage with hooded windows had wooden arches supporting it.

An inverted half dome with lotus flutings provided support for this Jharoka. A tall arch formed entrance to the Katri. The lower story had many shops. In the topmost storied, Dr. Jahangir Alam studied hard to later become one of the leadings surgeons. The building was unfortunately pulled down in 1986 and a plaza was built in its place. But the locality is still called “Paisa Akhbar”


Painting No: 27

Title: Paisa Akhbar Jharoka

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 39")

Collection: Mr. Tariq Rehman

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