Painting No - 01

This painting is a juxtaposition of elements taken from different areas of Lahore. The main Jharoka is one of the many along the G.T. Road where big tanneries have been set up. The entrance arch is tall enough to allow truck loaded with hides to pass through. The triple arched Jharoka has a Naulakha like roof from Lahore Fort. General the owners resided in the upper portion of the entrance block. The adjoining building and the mosque are from Chamberlain Road while the white building with domed turret is from Nicholson Road. The “Wolseley” seen on the left belonged to Major Dara who sold it after using it for 34 years.


Painting No: 24

Title: Jharoka

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (25" x 38")

Collection: Shezan, Washington, U.S.A

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