Painting No - 01

The yellow house stood on the corner of Sadaat Street named Darul Sadaat opposite to Bagheechi Nihal Chand 58, Mecleod Road between Lahore Hotel and Shaikh Musa Ahangar’s tomb. Syed Zafar Ali Naqvi inherited it, he was a business man and took interest in dramatics, Movies and commercial films. Mr. Zafar shifted along with his family to Karachi in 1960, then he went to England for better prospects spent 12 last years of his life in England and expired on 08/07/1978 at Karachi. The house changed hands and was finally demolished in 1996 to make way for the sprawling motorcycle and scooter spare parts market the tall Pipal tree to be cut down. Several houses resembling in such style were owned by Mr. Naqvi’s father Syed Dilawar Ali Shah of Bombay (Mumbai) who was a shipwright contractor Mr. Zafar’s son Mr. Shamim Haider along with his brothers also shifted to Karachi in year 1960.


Painting No: 15

Title: The Yellow House

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 22")

Collection: Mrs. M. Krikliwy

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