Painting No - 01

Railway Road is a straight link between Mayo Hospital and Railway Station. On both sides branch out smaller streets ending in larger open areas. Though the network of roads outside the walled city was laid out in 1880’s, it seems to have large vacant plots, vegetable farms and ranches till the turn of the century. The real building activity started with the outbreak of World War I when economy was revived. Railway Road provides a rare collection of traditional elements recreated in new compositions. They look like a new lease of life to older forms which were fast disappearing. Railway Road developed into a cultural and educational center. Islamia College, earliest of the newspaper offices and the Arab Hotel were the breeding grounds of intellectuals. This locale also has interesting introduction of European architectural elements like gothic hoods and round arches with keystones. The building seen at the corner in bricks has a staircase running inside a mediaeval tower with battlements. This building was demolished in 1987.
(Also see Painting No. 55)

(Demolished 1987)


Painting No: 14

Title: Tanga on Railway Road

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (38" x 28")

Collection: Mrs. M. Krikliwy

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