Painting No - 01

After entering the Old Lahore through Delhi Gate, the road bends & passes through Chitta Darwaza or white gate so named because of absence of any tile decorations seen in the adjoining Wazir Khan’s Mosque (built 1644) it forms entrance to Kashmiri Bazar. On the both sides are some of the oldest of the houses with red sandstone brackets supporting exquisitely carved wooden balconies having colored glasses. On one side of the gate is the oldest “naan” bakers in the city and the oldest has the famous shop selling “Firni and kheer” (a sweet dish with milk and rice and decorated with silver-leaf, almonds and pistachios), Further on are shops displaying spices, aromatic herbs, tobacco leaves; other shop sells coarse handloom cloth; plain and block printed; kitchen gadgets; wooden & metallic, and ancient door locks can be purchased from here.



Painting No: 12

Title: Delhi Gate

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (22" x 28")

Collection: Air Marshal. A. Rahim Khan

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