Painting No - 01

Tollinton Market was saved from the clutches of Gambit schemers in spite of the fact that its building material was auctioned for Rs. 135,000/- and the beautiful Edwardian cast iron lamp posts were uprooted, it survived and was restored. And on January 19, 2006, this scribe’s exhibition was held here paying tribute to the citizens of Lahore who had protested for thirteen long years. While inaugurating this exhibition the Chief Minister of the Punjab had promised to get this building declared protected under the Punjab special premises Act, 1985 an action to this effect is still awaited.
Seen in the foreground in just one of the cast-iron lamp posts being inspected by Haji Fazal Karim: the fifth generation merchant from Tollinton, Pran Nevil: writer of Lahore, A sentimental, this scribe, Asad
Ali Shah; A senior retired officer E.P.T.B.
This restoration challenge was ably handled by Archi Sajjad Kausar. The fabled roofs have been rebuilt, as are the two light well towers. The sloping roofs for the surrounding verandahs too have been provided. The terracotta roof titles have proved waiting in manufacture and fixation. The overall effect is pleasing addition to sky line of Lahore.

The building through handed to the Lahore Museum has of late been converted into “Lahore Heritage Museum” with mostly computer generated flexible prints of old photographs on display. The beginning needs improvement in approach and display (for more information see painting No. 56, & 78).


Painting No: 119

Title: Tollinton III

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (20" x 47")

Collection: Marryam, Zulfiqar Mahnoor & Noorain

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